KONOTOP Jews Past and Present


In June 1994, Israeli singer, Jenia Fireman, with her consort established the beginning of communication of Konotop people with citizens of Israel. On the 28th of December 1994, the first issue of the newspaper, “Lebn,” was published. On the 16th of March 1995, the religious Community of Konotop was registered. The monument to Konotop's victims of the Holocaust was opened on the 14th of July 1997. The Konotop Jewish Community welfare center, “Hesed Ester,” was opened on the 10th of September 1999. And, this center has become the real Jewish house.

KONOTOP COMMUNITY CENTER, “HESED ESTER” The Konotop town charity fund (Jewish Community Center, Ester) was founded on the 10th of September 1999 with support from “claims conference” and American Jewish Distribution Committee “Joint.” Beside them as co-founders were Konotop Jewish community Lebn and Konotop Judaic religious community. The Jewish community Ester represents a beam of light for all elderly Jews and is the center of Konotop's Jews and Jewish community life. This center provides all the needy with produce parcels, dinners at home, and in the canteen. This center helps with medical care, rehabilitation equipment and medicine, and everyday services. Many groups work there. Also, there are a lot of cultural and educational programs. But the main aim of this center is to remind the most vulnerable members of the community that they are not alone. The Center is functioning in two big directions, social and community work. To the social programs belong the patronage programs of care under which there are forty invalids and single people. Pensioners in need of medicines are provided for free.

They give help in repair of shoes, clothes, watches, small repairs of household equipment, and provide barber services. Functioning SOS (Save Our Souls) is financed by personal resources of U.S.A. citizen, Leon Sragovich. Urgent help in outstanding cases is given, such as emergency operations, natural disaster, and etc. The special community distributes this help. And this help is given within forty-eight hours after the adoption of the decision. The activities of the “Day center” and the “Warm house” are functions of the social program. Accordingly, the programs in the “Day center” are four times each week. They bring elderly people with difficulties in independent movement.


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