KONOTOP Jews Past and Present


“But there always comes a minute when the call of blood, not the one which flows in our veins, but that which flows out of our veins” (as was said by Uri Tuvim). But there were times when the call of blood of the nation united into one nation despite any differences of culture and religion to which they belonged. You must not be the Jew, who is frightened by the soldiers. The flame of the Holocaust burns in the biggest part of our past. Our past history was troubling those non-humans. And, that is why we must exist not only to be a part of the global population, but also as a people, who are united together by spilled blood.

That was exactly what world-famous Steven Spielberg felt. He grew up in the immigrant’s country where all the Chinese, Italian, Spanish, and Jews were simply called Americans. When Spielberg decided to learn the details about the history of the Second World War, he suddenly remembered his roots and now the foundation, which was organized by him, does everything to make it all possible that the memories of the Holocaust survivors will be known for the future generations and that there will be no room for theories of racial supremacy. And that is why we must remain Jews, who remember who they were and from where they came.

Yes, “citizen of the world” has everything, cities and villages, countries, and continents, but he doesn't have a place where people always come when they feel bad. He doesn't have the spiritual motherland, his national family, hich can calm him down and be side-by-side forever. I understand that we are all people of different nationalities and different colors of our skin. We all are just a small part of the Universe. We live in different countries; we love the land on which we were born and work for its prosperity. We are interested in the spiritual and cultural life of nations in which we live, without taking into consideration their nationality. And that is for me why we must look backward in order to move forward.

By Amelia Eisenstat She is a member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine We can discover the historical roots of Konotop from the time of the Kievan Rus.


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