KONOTOP Jews Past and Present


They provide the conditions for communication and work (occupational) therapy. In the “Warm house,” they take care of elderly people living nearby and under different circumstances not having the possibility to attend the Community Center. Those people gather two or three times each week for two to three hours. There is a program called, “Mazel Tov.” This program is for mothers, who have children not older than three years and for pregnant women. The program of this club includes interaction and consultations with the doctors and the psychologist, and guarantee of children’s clothes, pampers, vitamins, providing of children’s bathes and beds etc. Great attention is paid to the revival of Jewish traditions in the family.

To community programs belong the following: class for Jewish traditions, class to study Yiddish and English, and the musical ensemble “Shtetl,” piano class, choreographic class, and class for handymen, club for veterans of the Great Father’s War (World War II), prisoners from concentrations camps and ghettos, youth’s and children’s clubs.

Every Friday in the center, members light Saturday night candles and all

people, who want to can meet on Shabbat together. The workers of this center see their task as to revive the Jewish traditions and not to live without attention to any single person. Every member of this center feels that he is needed by the community and can by active participation become useful to his comrades of the same age, children, and grandchildren. He is not a poor person. He doesn't need to be given a handout. He receives what he deserves and the society expects from him help in establishing the community with rebuilt Jewish traditions, in developing a spiritual life for Jewish people in sovereign and independent Ukraine. While reviving Jewish traditions, we don't forget about the life of our native town. We have relationships with other social organizations and agencies of local self-government.


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