KONOTOP Jews Past and Present


The author of this program, Yulia [Julia] Glanz, together with cameraman, Dmitriy Glanz, familiarized the audience how Hanukah and Pesach were celebrated, about the visit of our friends from Skokie (near Chicago, Illinois), USA, to Konotop, and about the celebration of the Victory Day.27 They were introduced to the board of the Center and they also informed the audience about the music group, “Shtetl.” The life of Jews in Konotop is widely described by this program. “Ale Eneinem” helps to revive the Jewish traditions. The Music group “Shtetl” Together with the community “Lebn,” the music group was organized. The aim of this group was to make Jewish music popular and to revive Jewish musical traditions. But as the group didn't have money for a building and was under the pressure for other reasons, it was closed.

In November 1999, with the help of the community and with the help of the representatives joined in Kharkov, this group got its second birth. This group was named with the nostalgic title, “Shtetl.” In this ensemble came musicians, who accumulated enough performance mastery on an amateur scene. The members of the group are: drums, Dmitriy Glanz; the violin, Tatiana Raeva; the keyboard instrument, Igor Tabachov; clarinet and alto saxophone, Baleriy Sakun; bass guitar and bayan,28 Dmitriy Zilbershtein (he is the leader of this group); and singers, Gregoriy Petrushenko and Svetlana Tabakova. The group diligently works on national Jewish repertoire. The group plays music from people around the world. This group successfully performs on the stage of our native town, of the regional center in Sumy and other towns and cities of this region. At the first regional Jewish art festival, which took place in the city of Kharkov, this group became the laureate and the soloists became diplomants.29 We hope that our group, “Shtetl,” will take over the glorious tradition of Klezmers of the past. Even as Shalom Aleihem in his novel, “Shtempenu,” mentioned the talented musicians from Konotop.


27 50th Anniversary of the victory after World War II.

28 Russian musical instrument similar to a harmonica.

29 Winners of the festival contest, who received diplomas and different degrees.


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