Май 05

KONOTOP Jews Past and Present


Jews Past and Present

History of the Jewish Community

of the Town of Konotop





Grigory Ayzenstat, Computer Compiler and Editor, Lebn

Emiliya Ayzenstat, Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

Nikolay Litovchenko, Computer Version Input

Emiliya Ayzenstat, Proof Reader

Vasily Lutzenko, photographs of this issue and archival photographs

Published by “Arman,” City of Kharkov, Ukraine (1000 copies).

English translation by Angela Semakova

Kiev, Ukraine, April 10, 2003

English translation by Robert Fineman

Santa Monica, California, October 29, 2003

English version edited with footnotes by Robert S. Sherins

Pacific Palisades, California, November 1, 2003